Is It Important To Eat Organic Food?

Important Points: If you can find organic, go for it. Fruits, meats, poultry etc. It’s important to have a good clean source of food. While that’s not always possible you should at the very least clean your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

Also, try to eat what’s in season and locally grown. When possible eat what is raised close to where it’s raised, in the same season that it’s raised.

In the summer season it’s good to eat a lot of summer food like fruits. In the fall and winter season your body responds best to foods that are grown underground like potatoes, carrots, red beats, and turnips. Combine these with late summer fruits like apples and pears.

Biologically, it’s not really good for us to eat things in abundance that aren’t grown locally and are out of season.

So eating cherries in the winter, while it might be cool, goes against our natural biological design for those of us in North America.

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