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double-helix-waterWe believe the formation of Stable Water Clusters is a naturally occurring process: Double Helix Water has harnessed the process and bottles it in concentrated form. Double Helix Water redefines health and the body’s role in healing by allowing healthy energy to flow freely and naturally. We are passionate about our belief in Double Helix Water and are dedicated to bringing its benefits to as many people as possible. Visit our store



Two Nourishing Products

As affiliates, we offer two types of Double Helix Water products: Double Helix Water and Double Helix Cream. You can order them separately or in a bundle to save.

Double Helix Water

Naturally rebalance your body and improve your fitness by using Double Helix Water. Help your energy, immune system, and metabolism by mixing some of this advanced discovery into regular bottled water.

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Double Helix Cream

This blend of Double Helix Water and natural ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil is safe to use on the face for anti-aging cream, promoting healing, and helping your muscles recover.

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