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Avazzia is the leading developer of Reaction Technology that provides physicians and patients with a non-drug, non-invasive option to manage acute, chronic and post-operative pain.

What is Avazzia BEST Technology?

Avazzia BEST (Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology) devices were developed as simple, easy-to-use, hand-held devices for non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive pain relief.

BEST devices produce micro current impulses, transmitted through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention. BEST devices react to the body’s response to the micro current stimulus. With each response, the electrical properties of the tissue change. The device detects changes and responds, resulting in the very next signal being modified. This is possible because Avazzia BEST products use a unique analog output controlled by high-speed microprocessors, which establish a “cybernetic loop” between the device and the body’s tissue.

The Avazzia BEST™ system’s cybernetic loop is comprised of a high speed microprocessor which controls and monitors a unique analog output circuit which produces the pulsed, bi-phasic, high-voltage, damped sinusoidal waveform.

The microprocessor performs mathematical algorithms to manage and control the analog output microcurrent.


BEST™ Innovation

BEST technology, developed by Avazzia’s CEO Tim Smith, produces micro current electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to communicate with the body’s nervous system. BEST products are controlled by a high-performance microcomputer chip, which uses Avazzia proprietary software

These hand-held devices are FDA-cleared for

  • Prescription use for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain (available by prescription only).
  • Over-the-counter use for the temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, back of the neck, upper extremities (arm), and lower extremities (leg) due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities.

These noninvasive neuro-stimulation devices allow patients to take control of their pain management.

Avazzia BEST (Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology) products feature a tissue reaction response indication, making them superior to traditional TENS units. BEST products work on different neural paths than a traditional TENS.


Frequently asked questions

What is it for?

The Avazzia Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology (BEST) devices are FDA-cleared non-invasive, non-pharmacological neuromodulation devices for mitigating pain. These devices were developed to provide pain relief without surgery and without taking medicine. Effectiveness depends on factors including source of pain, history of pain, other health issues, adherence to treatment schedule and more. Even fatigue and hydration may impact outcomes. There are no known side effects. The technology does not impact efficacy of other medicine or injections received for pain management. Ask your doctor to determine if Avazzia’s line of pain-management products might be suited for you. You (or your healthcare provider) may attend an information session, held throughout the year. At these sessions, a licensed practitioner will talk about the benefits of Avazzia treatment.

What are the benefits?

The Avazzia BEST devices have been certified by the European Union, HealthCanada, and the U.S. FDA as safe and effective. Since BEST devices do not introduce drugs, medicine or toxins to your body, you will not suffer related potential side effects. Avazzia offers safe, cost-effective treatment. Patients have used Avazzia for the following reasons:

They want to alleviate pain either before surgery or after surgery.
They have found that traditional remedies for pain (drugs, surgery, physical therapy) are not helping or not helping enough.
They have long-term pain (from sports injuries, trauma such as car accidents, or work-related pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome) that is hard to eliminate.
They have pain related to other health conditions, such as diabetic neuropathy or nerve pain.

How do I use it? Is it working?

The Avazzia devices are, in general, simple to use:

  • Turn on the power with the slide switch on the side of the device.
  • Place electrodes (either the metal plate on the device or through an accessory) on the skin and, using the plus and minus keys on the front, turn up the power (or down) to find a comfortable power setting.
  • Click the black button in the center of the circle on the front display to select mode.
  • Apply microcurrent therapy.

Free instructional videos are at avazziatraining.com, under the tab at the bottom of the page that says “FREE INSTRUCTIONAL DEVICE” videos.


*For more information, please check out www.avazzia.com*