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A Brief History Of Healing

Human beings have always instinctively sought the energetic forces of nature as a source of healing and relief from trauma and disease. The indigenous practices of the world utilize the energies of flowing water, sunlight, [...]

Biophysics Defined

Biophysics is the study of the interaction of biological systems and physical forces with which they come in contact. There are only 3 types of general forces that can affect biology and they effect it [...]

Feel Younger, Healthier and Stronger

Many people don’t remember what it feels like to be healthy… really healthy. They walk around in the same overmedicated, malnourished state that most Americans live in today. The simple fact that you’re here sets [...]


Neogenis Labs
Neogenis Labs was created and licensed patented technology from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Neogenis Labs is the only company dedicated to delivering safe and efficacious nitric oxide products to healthcare practitioners and patients. Our superior technology means nothing without you getting it into the mouths of your patients and helping to educate the masses.


Adobe_PDF_icon Effects of an Oral Nitric Oxide Supplement on Functional Capacity and Blood Pressure in Adults With Prehypertension

Adobe_PDF_iconNitric-Oxide Supplementation for Treatment ofLong-Term Complications in Argininosuccinic Aciduria

Adobe_PDF_iconApplication of nitric oxide in drug discovery and development

Adobe_PDF_iconAcute Effects of an Oral Nitric Oxide Supplement on Blood Pressure, Endothelial Function, and Vascular Compliance in Hypertensive Patients

Adobe_PDF_iconCaffeinated Nitric Oxide-releasing Lozenge ImprovesCycling Time Trial Performance