A Brief History Of Healing

Human beings have always instinctively sought the energetic forces of nature as a source of healing and relief from trauma and disease. The indigenous practices of the world utilize the energies of flowing water, sunlight, earth’s energy vortices, and flora as a source of healing energies.

Throughout the history of man, healers of all ages and places have tried to control, co-ordinate, and direct therapeutic modalities of light, heat/cold, sound, hydrotherapeutics, human touch and energy.

The observation and use of electromagnetic forces from earth elements and the development of energy mapping systems extend back at least 3-4 thousand years.

But since the exponential growth of technology and advancements in chemistry and technology, these are considered “alternative health” practices.

We have seen a dramatic increase of energy based therapies in the last 150 years since scientists and physicists have accumulated more and more knowledge and sophistication in measurement and control of physical forces.

Today, data collection, analysis, and reproducibility is at an all time high, allowing us to assess and treat with inter-operator reliability previously unattainable without current technology.

There are many factors in the healing response that we can affect. There are also many which are unique to the individual. These are biological imperatives to which they are bound; such as age, sex, degree of disease progression, etc.

Alternative healers determine what we can affect, and choose the best means to attempt to positive outcome. We treat the person according to their unique needs, and the body will take care of the symptoms.

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